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Liz Almekinder has been writing for me for The Diabetes Council website for almost two years now. She delivers quality, well-researched and well-written articles. She puts creative stories into her content, and always delivers the very best article available on the internet related to the topic. 

She is fast, but speed doesn't affect her quality work. Sometimes I do not believe how quickly she completes assignments for us. She also edits other content, and contributes to other diabetes-related websites to help The Diabetes Council website grow in popularity. She is also our Certified Diabetes Educator. I was happy when she said that she was going to full-time freelancing, so that I can get her to write more articles for us. With her help, we will be the very best in diabetes. 

Testimonials for The Time-Traveler Goes to Kindergarten

Dr. James Miller Ross

This is a great little book for kids with diabetes who are preparing to go to kindergarten. Kids with diabetes often feel self-conscious, and this book will help them to have confidence to go to school with diabetes, and to help them share their diabetes experience with other children to raise awareness. 

Though not every kid with diabetes has a diabetes alert dog or an insulin pump, Jake is sort of like a hero for kids with diabetes, somewhat of a super hero with his alert dog and insulin pump or time traveler, as he calls it. Recommend for kids with diabetes to help to cope, and adjust to school.  


Reader testimonials

  A great book. Well written, fun and beautifully illustrated, this book is the perfect introduction to diabetes for kids. A great tool to help teachers and parents talk about diabetes and how to deal with it in the classroom. Buy it and share it.  

An excellent book! I got this as a gift for a friend, and they were raving about it, and how much their son loves to read the book. It's a bit complex, so you will have to read it with your child.

 Fun book to help diabetic kids with the first day of school!. There is a section in the back with information for parents. Cool dog!!!     

Testimonial for "Can You Be in the Military if you have diabetes?"

I ran across your name after I found an article you wrote, "Can you be in the Military if you have Diabetes?", when I googled Type 1, and being a doctor in the Air Force. My son is in the Air Force, starting his third year of medical school at Uniformed Services University, which is a military medical school. 

He is going before a MEB/PEB board because he was diagnosed as a Type 1. We were able to track down one of the Army men that you wrote about. This was really helpful to us! Thank you.

Steve Elberts