Elisabeth "Liz" Almekinder

Freelance Writer

To tell you a little about me, I grew up in a small town in the piedmont of NC. I am the daughter of a country doctor, who was sometimes paid with pies, chickens, and goats. During snowstorms, I made house calls with my father on horseback. 

At St. Andrews Presbyterian College, I developed a love of writing, and was published in The Cairn literary magazine. After obtaining a BA in English, I worked as a staff reporter at a small Southern newspaper.

Later, I went back to school and obtained a nursing degree. After 25 years in hospital, home health, and public health, working with people with diabetes, I obtained my Certified Diabetes Educator credential. Through the CDE credential and nursing degree, I was able to come full circle back to where I started - writing. 

After two years of part time freelance work for The Diabetes Council website, a book, and a magazine article in American Diabetes Association's Diabetes Forecast, as well as a new book in the works, I have taken the plunge to full time freelance writing. 

In addition to health and wellness writing, and writing about diabetes, I enjoy creative writing, press releases and feature stories, politics, and fiction writing /ghostwriting. 

I have spent most of my time writing about diabetes and health. I would like to branch out into more creative features, politics, and topics of interest in the Wilmington, NC area. My husband, Rolf,  takes professional photographs, as you can see from the website photos. He is available to help me bring your writing projects to life with photography if needed. 

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I have recently delved back into journalism. Though I'm not pleased where this article ended up, it's still my first political article in a number of years. There used to be photographs of all eight candidates. I'm not sure what happened to them on Verified Politics and Occupy Dems repost, but they were there at first, and the editor hasn't responded to my inquiries.