The Diabetes Council Website

  • As a RN, Certified Diabetes Educator, with a BA in English/Journalism,  I have been writing for The Diabetes Council website for almost two years.
  • Below is a link to seven pages of my articles on The Diabetes Council website:

ADA's magazine Diabetes Forecast

  • I was asked to write an article on insulin pens for the American Diabetes Association magazine, Diabetes Forecast. 
  • The article appeared in the March/April 2017 Consumer Guide. Click the button below to view the article on Diabetes Forecast's website:

Children's Book


  • The Time-Traveler Goes to Kindergarten is a children's book for kid's with Type 1 Diabetes who are going off to school for the first time. 
  • The book and colorful illustrations is meant for parents to read and discuss with their children. Enjoy the adventures of Jake, Sniff, and the Time Traveler.

Creative Feature Article

  • I was asked to prepare a guest post for the HealthLine - DiabetesMine website. 
  • The editors wanted a creative piece, focusing on my upbringing as the daughter of a country doctor in a small town in the Piedmont of North Carolina, and how it relates to the changes we have seen in diabetes care through the years.

Article on NC gerrymandering

  • I worked with Elham Khatami at thinkprogress.org on an article about North Carolina gerrymandering and why it's important to national politics.
  • I interviewed Reps Deb Butler, Graig Meyer, Chaz Beasley and whip Bobbie Richardson.
  • This article was published on 01/25/2018. I hope to work with this editor ongoing.

Type 1 and Type 2 Nation Websites

  • An article entitled, "Five Tips for Managing Diabetes in a Relationship," was published on Type 1, and Type 2 Nation.
  • The articles were translated into Spanish, and are available in PDF on the popular websites. In Spanish, the article is entitled, "5 Sugerencias Para Manejar La Diabetes En Una Relacion"

Press Releases

  • At the Concord Tribune, I was a staff writer.
  • As a Health Educator with a county health department in North Carolina, I wrote press releases for the Pender Post and the Wilmington Star News. 
  • Tell me some specifics that you would like to see in your press release, and I will create a press release from your information and photographs, or provide photographs if requested.

Company Newsletters

  • Running out of time to get your company newsletter completed? I can help.
  • I will compile your photos and story ideas, and interview employees by phone or email. I will create yournewsletter in publisher, and write it, so you don't have to.
  • The newsletter will be delivered in a PDF file, for easy printing or blanket emailing to all company employees.

National Volunteer Fire Council

  • On the National Volunteer Fire Council's website, it reads, "The Diabetes Council gets dozens of questions each month from potential firefighters wanting to know if they can still serve if they have diabetes."
  • This article by Elisabeth Almekinder of the Diabetes Council examines this issue, provides tips for firefighters, and highlights two profiles of firefighters with diabetes.

Beyond Type 1

  • I was asked to research and craft an article about medications traditionally used for Type 2 Diabetes, and their recent use in Type 1 Diabetes patients for The Beyond Type 1 website.

Eating Well digital

  • Being somewhat of a foodie, I took on a project with EatingWell.com where we did the starter and bread recipe for Artisan Whole Grain Sour Dough Bread

Carolina Public Press

  • Journalism article for Carolina Public Press related to North Carolina's Virtual Public School.
  • Interviewed with a student who is taking Mandarin Chinese.