Frequently asked questions

What is your fee for writing an article?


Currently, my fee for writing an article is 20 cents per word. This fee includes research and writing time. If there will be any additional fees, we will discuss this ahead of time.


For newsletters, it depends on how many pages they are, and how much interviewing and work is involved. I will provide you with a quote ahead of time. For feature articles involving travel or photography, there will be additional fees agreed upon ahead of time.

For Publications with set fees, I will try to work within the guidelines of your rate fees. Please email me at

What is your fee for editing?

I charge $30 per hour to edit articles, press releases, white papers, etc. This includes grammar, punctuation, style, and creative suggestions.

How will you work with me on my unique writing project?

I work remotely, and communicate via email, chat, skype, etc. However, if you are located in the Cape Fear area of North Carolina, I will be more than happy to meet with you in person. I live in coastal Pender County, NC, just 20 miles from the heart of Wilmington.

How are fees paid to you for a writing project?

I will invoice you for my writing services via PayPal. You may then use whatever payment method you would like on PayPal. If you prefer, I can invoice you by mail or email. Payment is due upon receipt of invoice and completion of the project.

Do you do graphic design also?

Yes, I can do basic graphic design on publisher or WORD. I am mainly a writer, and I will incorporate internal and external links into your articles. However, I do not do the graphics on photoshop, or load articles into WordPress, etc. I usually leave that to the visual arts experts. I can provide stock photos for your articles, or custom photos. There are extra fees for photography. All of the photos on this website were taken by my husband, Rolf, who is glad to tag along, and provide this service if requested.

Do you have a question you don't see answered here?

If you have further questions, please contact me by phone at (843) 618-3492 or via email at You may also contact me via the contact section on this website.

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